AFC offers a wide range of various beverage lidding closures


  • The usual combination of films for this application (lidding for vacuum or injection molded container lids) is polyester film gauge 12µ, laminated over printed 12µ or 36µ or 50µ polyester (which may be metallised, clear or white) on the top side and heatseal coated on the bottom side.
  • The heatseal used is “universal” in that it will seal to all common containers – polystyrene, pvc, polypropylene, polyethylene, abs and others. However, testing is advisable.
  • When supplied as pre-cut lids the film is “needle” or “pin” embossed to allow separation during dispensing when supplied as reels, this is not necessary.
  • Supplied as reels, this is not necessary.
  • Only certain tools can punch polyester so sizes and shapes are at present subject to enquiry.
  • Variations are subject to enquiry and procurement of raw materials.
  • Width, OD, Core type and size, are per clients requirements